@ 2016 by K.L. Hallam
A sample of my illustrations.
I hope to create a picture book one day . 

 I think of myself as self-taught, but my mother had a huge influence on me. Watching her paint with oils I would sit quietly as she worked magic onto the canvas. Often giving me a few tips with my sketches. Art classes in high school bored me, but I drew a lot on my own, and would sink hours into the pleasure of it. Finally, my senior year the art teacher said I could draw whatever I wanted. Win! 


As a teenager, friends asked if I'd draw their favorite pop stars. (Many tell me they’ve saved those old sketches!) I drew a lot of Madonna, during her Like a Virgin period in High School, and Duran Duran. I kept drawing and drew some more. 


Eventually, I found watercolors and played in their depths and pools of color. I started experimenting with clay, and at first, the objects were symbolic or fantasy, until the day I enrolled in figurative sculpture classes and used real live models.  I went to work on proportion, line, and representation, recreating what was in front of me, not only from my imagination.  It was good discipline. Now I use both, mixing the real world with my imaginary world. What could be more fun?


I studied life drawing at The Art Students League in New York City with Anthony Polumbo, and watercolor painting with various teachers there. I’ve studied figurative sculpture with Paul Lucchesi, son of Bruno Lucchesi, at The Art Alliance in NYC.  And of course, my Mom! She lets me know when my proportions are off. Nothing gets by her eye.