@ 2016 by K.L. Hallam

My Story Over and Over is Featured in the Debut Issue!

Future Earth: 22X. The last of the dreamers are brought back from death, but only those who still hold memories and can recreate a new future for a dying species.

Fantasy Short Stories is an anthology series featuring amazing stories by authors from around the world. In Book One you'll find stories about magical swords, multiple lives, super-villains, beings from other worlds, and more. 

Stories include: 

Bedwyr and Caliburn after Camlann 
By Patrick S. Baker 

Back into the Cave 
by Isaac Teile 

Over and Over 
By K. L. Hallam 

Honor Among Thieves 
By Gustavo Bondoni 

by Vonnie Winslow Crist 

Life Choices 
By Neil A. Hogan 

A Matter of Vanity 
By Julie Goodswen 

Available in Print or eBook